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Audio Door Entry

900 Series Audio Door Entry Systems

901 doorphone entry system

The 900 Series audio door entry systems are recognised for their high quality and competitive pricing and are widely accepted as the industry standard. Each system provides all of the components necessary to install a complete audio door entry system; including a surface lock release as standard. These systems are available from a one way (model 901) up to 10 for more 10, Please phone 020 7258 1831 or email

Each 900 series system comprise:-
  • model 801 telephones
  • model SPA front door panel
  • model 61 speech unit
  • model 212 12VAC PSU
  • model 203 surface lock release

Cable requirements :-
  • 4 Core, plus 1 additional core per number of handsets in the system
  • 2/3 Core mains cable from 230V mains supply to transformer and from transformer to door station

Audio door entry systems
Model 901

Audio door entry systems
Model 904

Audio door entry systems
902 Front
Door Panel

901 One Station Surface System £54.95
902 Two Station Surface System £83.29
903 Three Station Surface System £112.50
904 Four Station Surface System £124.96
905 Five Station Surface System £145.83
906 Six Station Surface System £166.63
907 Seven Station Surface System £183.33
908 Eight Station Surface System £207.50
909 Nine Station Flush System £224.17
910 Ten Station Flush System £245.83
801 Extra 801 Handset (For 900 Series) £14.13
  Cable White PVC, On 100m Drum  
804.877 6-Core Cable £13.33
804.880 8-Core Cable £15.83
E463 12-Core Cable £29.15
801.336 2-Core Mains £11.90

All Prices Exclude Carriage and UK VAT If unavailable, will be contacted within 48 Hours, otherwise dispatch time usually 2-7 Working Days.

Video & Audio Door Phone Systems

Colour Video Door Phone
VSC4/1 7" Colour "Handfree" Video Doorphone System "Up to 3 Monitors"

Colour Video Door Phone
MDVR 7" Colour "Handfree" Video Doorphone System with Auto Picture Recording


Colour Video Door Phone
VSC4/ 7" Colour "Handfree" Video 2 or 3 Apartment Doorphone System

Colour Video Door Phone
VSC4/4 7" Colour "Handfree" Video
4 Apartment Doorphone System

Colour Video Door Phone
VSC4/6 7" Colour "Handfree" Video 6 Apartment Doorphone System

Audio Doorphone Systems
900 "Audio Entry"

"Video Entry" Series

Audio Doorphone and Coded Access System
Combined Door Entry and Coded Access System

Audio Doorphone Systems
1 & 2 Station Audio Door Phones

Access System
Access Control keypad

Combined Door Entry and Proximity System
Combined Door Entry and Proximity System

Colour Video Door Phone
Colour "Hand-Free" MultiStation Video Doorphone Systems

Wireless Doorphone System
M70/01Kit Wireless
7" Colour Doorphone System

Wireless Doorphone System
M35/01Kit Wireless
3.5" Colour Doorphone System

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